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    Image Guidelines
    Your main image must be cropped, the thumbnail size is 500 x 180 px. Long arms must be photographed from the side. Try to take a nice clear picture as this is what sells your item. Scopes and other long items are best photographed lengthwise also. Just remember if you crop your photo to make it easy to see you are more likely to attract a buyer sooner. Easiest thing to do is look at how others on the site have done their images. If we feel your image doesn't suit we will inform you and modify your advert.


    Ozgunsales Dealers You may have noticed we have streamlined the way ads are now placed to make things Quicker for You. You do not need to do Step 2 and choose a Package its automatic now and if you still have remaining credits the total at the end will discounted for your advert. If you do reach your limit and we have not already invoiced you for more credits please contact us via phone or email sales@ozgunsales.com and we will promptly resume your service and invoice you. If you have any questions feel free to email support@ozgunsales.com

    VICTORIAN SELLERS- OZgunsales is owned and operated by a Licensed Firearms Dealer in Victoria. Under Victorian Legislation - Only licensed firearm dealers may advertise the sale of a firearm
    "therefore advertising your firearm with us at ozgunsales as an individual is legal"
    Don't risk using social media or other websites that may not be run by a dealer .
    LINK: http://www.police.vic.gov.au.
    If you have any further questions about advertising with us please email - sales@ozgunsales.com (note: All Transfers must still be made through your nominated Licenced Firearms dealer and these details included in your advertisment when listing)


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    Placing Ads- Listing of ads is still pretty much the same as the old site with only a few changes.
    Just a note on best image sizing for your listings. Sizing for listing images are 2500 px width x 1000 px height max when uploaded, It is Best to crop your images so when they are thumb nailed they can produce an image approx of 500 pixels wide x 180 pixels high. Please Crop your images before uploading & with watermarked photos make sure they include your information and not other websites.

    Remember ANYONE can advertise on ozgunsales.com as long as you follow the rules of our site, the Federal and State Laws. Registration is free, you just pay for the ad you want to list. Don't forget to check the Wanted Ads somone might be looking for what you have to sell! Make sure to Sign up to our newsletter to get updates on great gun deals while your at it.
    Firearms Dealers & Suppliers contact - sales@ozgunsales.com for Bulk Listings & Banner advertising pricing.

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