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by Neil Jenkins from the website

Shooters concerned about the lever action ban should contact their local member of parliament to stop the proposed ban on lever actions. Doing this is also important for our longer term fight for better firearm policies.

When you do go, there are EIGHT simple things we suggest you say to your MP.

1. Why you have firearms: Tell them why you have firearms. For example, that you hunt deer, or you inherited your firearms from within the family;

2. What you enjoy about shooting: Give them an example. For example, that you love to spend a couple of days each month enjoying the outdoors, or the comradeship of target shooting prize meetings;

3. How you will be affected: Tell them how the ban will affect you. Tell them the ban is nothing more than another arbitrary attack on shooters and you are concerned for the future of shooting. If you do not have a lever action and the MP zeros in on this fact, tell them it is no different to how politicians stick together on issues such as the carbon tax: we’re sticking together on lever actions. Do not allow the MP dwell on the merits of the “the gun”: bring them back to the broader issue of this being “another arbitrary attack on shooters”. The fact this is about lever actions is irrelevant: this is a fight over firearms policy. Last time it was about handguns (2002) and before that, semi-automatics (1996). Now it’s lever actions;

4. Shooters are vetted by Victoria Police: Tell them you cannot hold a shooters licence or buy a firearm without being approved to do so by the Victoria Police which demonstrates you are a trust worthy citizen. Without their approval, you can’t get legal access to any sort of firearm, let alone a lever action firearm;

5. You vote: Tell them this issue is important to you, and the other 800,000 or so shooters across Australia. Tell them that like 1996, and other elections where there has been a strong pro-shooting vote, this is important enough to affect how you vote at the next election;

6. Shooting industry action: Tell them the major shooting organisations are mobilising on this issue and gun owners are being urged to see their MPs;

7. Lack of a problem: Tell your MP there has been no problem in our society with the ownership of lever action rifles for over 140 years. The government is responding to nothing more than a YouTube clip showing the operation of a limited capacity lever action in skilled hands – and we hope the government bases its decisions on something more than that!;

8. Lever action is old technology: Lever action is not rapid fire. People who say it is have generally never handled a firearm let alone something with a rapid fire action. Lever action is old technology that is more synonymous with the Battle of Little Bighorn than any modern context. It is synonymous with Hollywood legends such as John Wayne;

The Martin Place siege: It is possible the MP will tell you the work at national level started with the Martin Place siege. That’s got nothing to do with the lever action issue. The offender did not have a firearm licence nor did he use a lever action. Tell the MP the Martin Place siege became an excuse to address the Adler YouTube video.

Ask what your MP will do to fight the ban. Don’t accept vague or unclear answers. If they won’t give you a straight answer, you will have at least made your point, loud and clear. Job done!

If you are in Victoria, Click here to find the details of your local MP for your electorate (listed alphabetically). Click here if you don’t know what electorate you are in.


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This wonderful business is for sale due to the present owner now wanting to retire so if you want to escape the mainland heat and enjoy a better climate along with excellent trout and saltwater fishing opportunities then this may be the business for you. The business is making a profit and would be very well suited to a husband and wife team - a web site is set up and expansion exists in on-line sales particularly in regard to the recent addition of fishing gear due to the closure of a long standing local fishing shop.
This business is for sale at $330,000- which consists of stock,fixtures and fittings and no goodwill.

Interested persons contact :
Ray Williams
New Norfolk Gunshop
43 High Street
New Norfolk Tasmania 7140
PH: (03) 62613444
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32nd Annual Arms & Collectables Show


Saturday 22nd AUGUST 2015, 9am - 5pm , Sunday 23rd AUGUST 2015 9am - 3pm


Bendigo Major League Multisports 1 - 3 Waterson Court, Golden Square. This new venue is larger, more secure, and modern.



The BIG SHOW Guns Militaria, Antiques & Collectables Fair

The BIG SHOW Guns Militaria, Antiques & Collectables Fair is on the 22nd & 23rd of August 2015 at the Toowoomba showgrounds we have 300 of the 8 foot tables full of gear for sale. (plus floor space of a few antiques including furniture,jewelery & general collectables ) Ammunition, loading equipment ,(no powder or primers ) Modern & Antique firearms, Swords, medals, badges, books, uniforms, headgear, knives, collectables of all types, bank notes & coins, outdoor gear, firearm parts.s omething for everyone DONT MISS IT !! also fund raising display for war dogs (armed forces & police force) join a Collectors guild /club or the shooters union. Doors open Saturday -9 to 5 & Sunday 9-2 adults $10 Aged pension $8 Children under 15 free


Would you like to see a Indoor Shooting Range in Pakenham South Gippsland Victoria?

Southern Cross Firearms plan to build the first ever firearm business in Australia with an onsite, state-of-the-art, multi-level, indoor shooting range in Pakenham, Victoria.
But first, they need people to sign a petition to help support the application to the Cardina Shire Council. We think this is a great idea and opportunity for hopefully the first and many more to follow around the country.

CLICK HERE to Read More and Sign the Petition!


How would you feel when approved legislation for firearm owners in Western Australia, can be declared null and void simply by the whim and opinion of one person? Follow the link to learn more:


Anti Vilification Petition

It is incredibly hard not to get frustrated by being constantly attacked and vilified by The Greens, but here is an opportunity for us all to stand together.
Head over to the website and sign the petition to try and put a stop to it.