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ZEISS Victory Night Vision 5.6x62 T

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The Victory NV 5.6x62 T lets you turn night into day. The latest image intensifier tube can make use of even the smallest amount of light to make the game you are observing appear 20,000 times brighter, allowing you to see well even in apparently complete darkness.

The biggest challenge of night hunting is being able to identify the game safely before taking the shot. When even the most powerful classic low-light binoculars finally reach their limits at night, the Victory NV 5.6x62 T comes into its own with its electronic residual light image intensifier. So you can even observe animals during the new moon and still hunt safely. A clear starry sky is sufficient to provide the brightest, most detailed images, so you don't have to 'call it a night' with your stand hunting.

Powerful generation 2+ image intensifier

The heart of this night vision device is a very powerful generation 2+ image intensifier with about 20,000 fold light amplification. It uses a micro-channel plate (MCP) to produce sharp, detailed, high-contrast images. It reduces distortion and vignetting to by far outperform previous generations of night vision devices. A built-in safety feature ensures that a sudden intense light input (e.g. from car headlights) will not damage the system. The very latest technology is now available to you - with outstanding expertise from Carl ZEISS.

High-resolution, fast optics

The manually focusable, fast 62mm objective lens gathers the available light and focuses it onto a highly sensitive photocathode. Both the objective and eyepiece lenses use the latest Carl ZEISS T* multi-coating for maximum light output. The water and dirt repellent LotuTecĀ® coating ensures a clear, unobstructed vision. The perfect combination of optics and electronics provides extra special stand hunting at night.

Ergonomic and rugged construction

The optics and mechanics are effectively protected in a rubber armoured housing that is nitrogen-filled and waterproof. The leather wrist strap can be used on either the left or right side, depending on whether you are left or right handed, to ensure an ergonomic firm grip at all times.

Built-in IR LED

There is a built-in IR LED provided, activated by button, for giving a bright image when there is no visible or residual light available. The LED provides infrared light, invisible to the eye, allowing extended use of the night vision device out to about 50 meters. An adapter is available for attaching a torch with IR filter and this is then able to illuminate distances of up to several hundred meters.

Manual brightness control

The image brightness can be easily controlled by you by use of the plus and minus keys, allowing your eye can see in detail without being dazzled.

Distance estimation reticle

A reticle in the field of view can be used for simple estimation of the range. This also allows you to use the diopter adjustment simply and easily.

Specifications may be found at: https://www.ozgunsales.com/usercheckout.html?step=3&category=51&listingid=0&productid=21

These fabulous night vision devices normally retail for well over $8000

Price includes postage within Australia and a WolfEyes Infrared Torch.
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