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WW1 Canadian .303 Ross Rifle

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We are pleased to offer a highly collectable WW1 straight pull .303 Canadian Ross rifle Mk2, rarely seen in Australia.

Around the time of the Boer War, Canada requested the license to build the Enfield No. 1 MkIII but Britain refused. This infuriated the Canadians & particularly Sir Charles Ross who as a younger man served in the Second Anglo-Boer War & was now an advisor on small arms to the Canadian Government. Ross had influence & took it upon himself to design, manufacture & supply the Army with an indigenous Canadian built rifle.

This became the famous Ross rifle which, despite initial criticisms which required a lot of rectification before it could be issued went onto to arm the Canadians & become the only Allied straight pull main battle rifle in service during WW1. Issues identified were rectified in the Mk2 which equipped the CEF & which this rifle is an example of.

The revised & improved Ross rifle MkII was the standard infantry weapon of the First Canadian Contingent of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) when it first arrived in France in February 1915. Despite the British now wanting to standardise infantry small arms, the CEF was equipped with these until they proved unsuitable for trench warfare & was replaced with the Enfield SMLE in around 1916. The stated reasons for the rejection of the Ross as a service rifle in the battlefields of France was literally because it was built to extremely tight tolerances & unless perfectly clean ammunition was used in a clean rifle, it would jam. Despite tight tolerances being desirable in a civilian hunting rifle, this is not good for frontline soldiers in a world of mud.

The Ross showed itself to be an extremely accurate target rifle before the Great War & continued to be used by many snipers of the CEF until the end of the war due to its exceptional accuracy & was sought after as a sniper platform by Allied snipers even after it was withdrawn from normal front-line use in Europe.

Stories about the bolt flying back are not because of a design fault making them dangerous, but because the design allowed for the bolt to be put back together incorrectly after being removed for disassembly & cleaning, resulting the potential for injury.

After a political fallout in Canada from the negative feedback by the CEF, the Canadians changed over to the SMLE & remaining Ross rifles were bought by the US after the United States entered the war in 1917. Many Ross rifles were shipped to the U.S for training & second line use. These were stamped with US acceptance markings which are visible on this rifle, along with the original Canadian acceptance marks. See photos of the stock.

As can be seen in the photos, this rifle is in excellent condition although it is missing the front sight hood & bayonet lug. The rifle is in excellent condition & functions correctly, including the loading dump lever on the right side which allowed the troops to just dump a handful of rounds without the need for stripper clips by pushing down on the lever which pushed the magazine follower down, enabling the rounds to drop into place. This was one of the few aspects of the rifle which, along with the accuracy, received positive feedback from the troops.

These rifles are highly valued by knowledgeable collectors & a sought after rifle in its own right.

Please do your own research & make your decision based on what you see, so please view the photos carefully as they form the main description & override all written information so cut & paste the link below to your browser for more photos:


Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & these are sold on an as is basis.

As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

Call for shipping cost to your dealer.
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