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Matching Winchester Pattern 14 (P14)

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This Enfield Pattern 14 rifle was designated the 'P14 Mk I W', as it was made by Winchester. In 1926 the Pattern 1914 Enfield was re-designated by the British military as the No.3 Mk1.

Of only 1,235,293 rifles made by the three manufacturers, Winchester manufactured just 235,293 rifles with Remington manufacturing 400,000 & Eddystone the majority with 600,000 made.

Winchester made P14’s have a reputation as being a better crafted rifle & with the least number made, makes this rifle the most collectable in its own right plus research shows the tags on the butt stock indicate it was issued to a Dutch East Indies (KNIL) Engineering Battalion prior to WW2. Most weapons used by the Colonial Dutch were destroyed in battle or confiscated by the Japanese or later, by the fledgling Indonesian government but this somehow made its way out to become part of a private collection & as is now for sale on consignment.

It is all matching as far as can be seen with the receiver, bolt & butt plate all visibly matching plus it has W stamped everywhere it should be.

This rifle is in excellent original condition as seen in the photos with the usual marks from service on the stock which can be seen in the photos. The metal work is great with no rust or pitting & it has plenty of finish left.

A P14 is a must have for your .303 collection but one of this rarity & uniqueness would definitely have pride of place.

Comes complete with ‘Kerr No-Buckl Sling’ which was for for almost identical M1917 but was known to have been fitted to some Enfield Rifles also & has found its way onto this one.

Do your own research & make your decision based on what you see, so please view the photos carefully as they form the main description & override all written information: Cut & paste the link below to your browser to view more:


Whilst we check these out for serviceability, the warranty has expired & these are sold on an as is basis.

As with all used guns, we recommend you have this checked by a suitably qualified person prior to shooting.

Call for shipping cost to your dealer.

Sold on consignment on behalf of a collector.
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    D/L#: 50001565

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