Scam Watch: Be aware of fake buyers asking to make payment/transfer via Auspost/Couriers. Click Here!
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Scam Alerts

Please note that scammers are everywhere this time of year.
They are contacting sellers saying they will pay and transfer via AU POST/Aramex/Pack&Send.(they will most likely go through all the courier's names)
They will also be pushy and not ask to many questions in regards to what you are selling
Auspost and Couriers are not a payment method and have just grabbed Dealer details off the internet.
They use a few different names and email addresses (usually Gmail accounts) and will NEVER give a number to call.

They are trying to get buyers to fill out details and give card information to claim funds that do not exist.
Ignore them. Please do not fill out forms or engage with them.

Key things to remember:
Dealers don't inform anyone but the other Dealer of who is the carrier when it comes to transfers.
Always ask for a Phone number and Dealer details if applicable. Be Safe and feel free to contact us if you have questions.